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Reebok Training Grounds Brought Together The Best

Reebok Training Grounds Brought Together The Best
Photo: Reebok
Reebok has been inviting CrossFit Games-qualified athletes to their headquarters for a long, exhaustive, and intense training camp called The Training Grounds for years, and the 2016 edition has been more of the same: great athletes, crazy workouts, expert coaches, and lots and lots of shenanigans.

Crazy Workouts

calories on the ski erg
squat snatches (115/80)

2,000m swim for funsies

"Dumbbell Amanda"
for time:

muscle ups
dumbbell squat snatch (70/50)

For time:
1000m sled push
100m handstand walk/lunge
100 sandbag over the wall

1 clean +
1 back squat +
1 front

Kari Pearce plays around with some gymnastics after working out

4 rounds of:
800m row
800m ski erg
800m run
rest 3 minutes

The crew hits "1775"

17 power cleans (135/95)
75 squats
200m barbell carry
200m run
200m plate carry
200m run
200m plate carry

Expert Coaching

Brooke Wells goes "light" with 315lb squats while Jesse Burdick keeps an eye on her

Dave Durante breaks down some simple and effective muscle up skill work

Jesse Burdick fixes Emily Abbott's front squat

Chris Hinshaw cleans up running technique for a bunch of Canadians and Jacob Heppner

Jamie Hagiya hits a 235lb clean & jerk after getting tips from Chad Vaughn

"All Business"

Four gingers get into a car...

Connor Murphy is working more obscure gymnastic skills

The Canadians get weird with it

Travis Williams recovers like a champ
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