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Is The 500kg Deadlift Possible?

Is The 500kg Deadlift Possible?
By: Kalle Beck

This weekend, the World Deadlift Championships are taking place in Leeds, England, and while the 13,500-capacity venue is nearly sold out, your admission to the event can be found right here on FloElite.com. We will stream the action live on Saturday, July 9, starting at 11:30AM CST.

500kg (1,100lbs) is the gold-standard benchmark that some of the lifters will try to hit this weekend, and it's insane to think a deadlift at this weight is even possible. Not long ago, only two men had ever deadlifted more than 1,000lbs in competition. But we recently saw three do it on the same day at the 2016 Arnold Classic.

That's where talk of 500kg started. Eddie Hall, the current world record-holder in the deadlift, said he has done 480kg in the gym and will deadlift 500kg at the World Deadlift Championships this year. This bold claim seemed absurd to many, but enthusiastic fans believe it's possible. The debate will continue until July 9. Is it all hype, or will the world record be shattered?

The Front Runners

Terry Hollands
Hollands took a break, is out of retirement, and seems stronger than ever with a 450kg deadlift in training for a personal best. Hollands may not have 500kg in him at the moment, but it is highly likely he will join the elite group of 1,000lb deadlifters July 9th.

Hafthor Bjornsson
After a disappointing performance at the Arnold Classic Hummer Tire Deadlift in 2015, some criticized The Mountain's static strength. But at last year's World Deadlift Championships, Bjornsson shocked the world with a 450kg deadlift--one of the biggest strongman deadlifts of all time. Could Bjornsson hit another huge personal best?

Brian Shaw
When Shaw initially announced he was likely to compete this weekend, he sent a message with his deadlift of 952lbs PLUS 115lbs of band tension for a DOUBLE. It certainly got people's attention and made him a viable frontrunner. Unfortunately, Shaw ultimately decided to not attend upon learning the contest will have set jumps, including going straight from 465kg to 500kg. Instead, he will focus on training for World's Strongest Man™ later this August. Do you think he could have won?

Jerry Pritchett
This constant dark horse should never to be counted out. Pritchett became the first American to deadlift more than 1,000lbs at the Arnold Classic, and recently broke the American powerlifting deadlift record. Pritchett deadlifts more than 900lbs almost every week in training, and looks capable of hitting a huge personal best and possibly grabbing an upset victory.

Benedikt Magnusson
Former world deadlift champion and current powerlifting world-record holder in the deadlift, Magnusson has pushed his bodyweight to the highest it has ever been at a reported 181kg. He's looking great in training, as evidenced by an incredibly fast 440kg deadlift. Do you think the Icelander can take back the title? Magnusson weighs in on the deadlift championships here.

Eddie Hall
The clear favorite, the reigning champion is determined to deadlift 500kg: "We've been pondering on pulling a 500kg deadlift for a while now, and I think this is the day it is going to be done," Hall recently said in an interview. Another factor playing in Hall's favor is he recently acquired a deadlift suit that actually fits him. Previously, he complained he could not find one that fit him properly. Will that help put him over the edge and pull 500kg? Judging by the insane speed on this 450kg deadlift in training, it's looking quite possible.

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