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2016 Cascade Classic: Cascade Powerlifting Classic

2016 Cascade Classic: Cascade Powerlifting Classic
The 2016 Cascade Classic hosts 800+ of the best competitors in the Northwest and across the country. The Cascade Classic isn't just a sporting event. It is a celebration of human movement. Functional Fitness Athletes, Powerlifters, Olympic Weightlifters, and Strongmen will push past their limits and uncover their potential Saturday and Sunday, September 24-25th. Below is your go-to for all things Cascade Powerlifting Classic at the 2016 Cascade Classic.


The Cascade Powerlifting Classic will follow standard event order for lifts (back squat, bench press, deadlift) and standard order for lifting (based on weight on the bar- lightest to heaviest).

Sunday 9/25

  • Start time = 10:00AM PT (12:00PM CT)
  • End time = 3:00PM PT (5:00PM CT)
Awards will be at 3:30PM PT (5:30PM CT)


The Cascade Powerlifting Classic is a Revolution Powerlifting Syndicate (RPS) sanctioned event, and therefore will follow their divisions and classes.


  • Raw Classic
    • "The only support allowed in Raw Classic is the support of a belt and wrist wraps."
  • Raw Modern
    • "Raw Modern combines the support of a belt and wrist wraps, as in classic, with knee wraps/sleeves for the squat and/or deadlift."
  • Single Ply
    • "Single-ply compliance garments. Only fabric woven or knit as one layer are accepted."
  • Multi Ply
    • "Amateur will be limited to two plies per garment."
    • "Professionals are allowed unlimited layers in a garment."


  • ​Amateur
    • "This division is a a drug-free division."
  • Pro
    • "Anyone who has totaled or has single lifts that qualify for Professional (Pro) must enter this division unless they wish to enter Elite which requires a lifter paid urinalysis. Professional can be entered by everyone but teens regardless of what their lift numbers are. There is no drug testing in this division."
  • Elite
    • "Those whose lifts qualify as Pro, yet want to provide proof that they are not using any performance enhancements on the tested list."
Further details on Divisions and Classes can be found here.


Coming soon!


Results can be found here.


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