ICYMI: Dmitry Berestov Hits A 200kg/440lb Thruster

There's a whole lot of awesome stuff on the internet, and it's easy to miss stuff among all that radness. Lucky for you, we've got you covered. Here are some of the coolest things to catch up on from the past week:

Dmitry Berestov hits a 200kg/440lb thruster

The gold medalist from the 2004 Olympics was participating in Dmitry Klokov Power Weekend and Berestov put up a 200kg/440lb thruster just to show us all what an Olympic champion can do in strength sports.

Jeison Lopez (COL, M77) squats 280kg/617lb

Jeison Lopez is a World Champion and we've seen him squat insane weights before. At this pace, Lopez is poised to be a favorite in the coming world championships and Tokyo 2020.

Jared Fleming returns to weightlifting with a 110kg/242lb power snatch and 140kg/308lb clean

Ever since Jared Fleming tore his ACL at the 2015 World Championships he's taken a long, careful, and thoughtful approach to his recovery. It seems to be paying off as he's quickly approaching the one year anniversary and seems to be moving well and still have plenty of power even at a lower bodyweight.

Sam Dancer is feeling healthy again, snatches 300lb and hang cleans 405lb

Speaking of recovering from injury, Sam Dancer's leg is getting near 100% again as he's back to snatching 300lb and hang cleaning 405lb. Perfect timing too, as the CrossFit Games season is on the verge of kicking off in a few months. As we saw last year, a healthy Sam Dancer is a dangerous Sam Dancer and I think that if he can stay healthy through the season he has a great shot at making the Games again.
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