Newsflash: Rich Froning Still Trains Like A Maniac

Newsflash: Rich Froning Still Trains Like A Maniac
Thousands of wall ball, dozens of muscle ups, heavy double unders and more are all just a part of Rich Froning's day-to-day training sessions. Don't believe me? Well, the four-time CrossFit Games Champion is taking to Facebook live for some of his training sessions with Mayhem Freedom and they are gnarly:

Lots Of Wall Ball

1000 wall ball for time in two person teams and the ball can't touch the ground.

Everything but the kitchen sink

In two person teams:
  • 300 Cal Assault
  • -rest 5:00-
  • 100 Dball (150)
  • Emom - 5 strict hspu each
  • -reat 5:00-
  • Double Isabel (155)
  • 500 Zeus Rope Du
  • Double Grace (205)
  • -rest 5:00-
  • 300 Cal Ski

Assault Bike, GHD, Strict Handstand Pushups

In a three person team:
  • 300 Calorie Assault (2 bikes, each bike must have 300 cals to move on)
  • 200 GHD (2 ghd's, same)
  • 100 Strict hspu (2 mats, same)

And that's just in the past week.
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