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17.3 Tips & Strategy Round Up

We're now past the halfway point of the 2017 CrossFit Games Open and we need all the help we can get. Now that we know 17.3 has heavy barbells and chest-to-bar pull ups, we can take a look and strategize our way to success. Unfortunately, there is no tip or strategy that will add 30lb to your snatch overnight, so we just have to live with getting more efficient and staying fresher longer.

TZ Strength

TZ Strength 17.3 Strategy

Jacob Tsypkin of TZ Strength is back again with a fantastic warm up and breakdown of the workout. Here's his biggest takeaway: "17.3 isn't merely "seeing" some heavy snatches -- it's almost nothing but heavy snatches."

His entire strategy comes down to finding the pace which allows your to keep your heartrate low and your fatigue in check while banking as much time as possible for the heavier snatches at the end of the workout. Makes sense to me!

San Diego Athletics

San Diego Athletics 17.3 Strategy

San Diego Athletics is a fantastic facility which has coached a lot of badass athletes and their strategy reflects their time in the sport and approach to workouts.

"This is much more a test of skill, and strength under fatigue, more than anything else. The entire purpose of the workout is actually to avoid getting tired and flustered."

Yep, still makes sense to me.

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