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Dave Castro Wants You To Guess What 17.4 Will Be

Dave Castro Wants You To Guess What 17.4 Will Be
Between warning us about the 2017 Open and his incredibly weird and specific hints for Open workouts, you'd think people would just cool it on trying to actually figure out what Dave Castro is hinting at with his posts. Except this is the CrossFit Games Open and it's a time honored tradition to read way too deeply into whatever photo Castro has presented us as a hint for the upcoming Open workout. With that in mind, here is 17.4:

So what is he trying to tell us? Here's the full text on that sign:

Emergency Exit. Remove egress hammer from within center armrest lid. Strike corner of window. Kick or push out after fracturing.

I mean, I dunno. Is he on a plane? Kip everything? You're only allowed to listen to Lupe Fiasco? 16.4 repeat? 15.4 repeat? I guess we'll find out tomorrow evening. Until then, I'm going to go do some hammer curls and count the number of buildings in the background as that may be a hint about the rep scheme or number of movements.
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