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Trevor Bachmeyer Apologizes: 'I Let You All Down'

Trevor Bachmeyer Apologizes: 'I Let You All Down'
Trevor Bachmeyer of Smashwerx suddenly became the biggest story in CrossFit when HQ announced his four year ban for doctoring his 17.5 video submission. Bachmeyer took to his Instagram account this morning to issue an apology to his fans:

Here's the transcript of his apology:

I created Smashwerx because of the dogma that our healthcare system has made and when my dad died of advanced stage liver disease from taking handfuls of Tylenol, it was pretty much the tipping point for me when I realized there was a better way through fitness and mobility to be healthy.

And somewhere along the way, I got so caught up in winning and I didn't see anything else and my perception narrowed and that's all I saw. And I made some really bad decisions and I apologize. I let you all down.

I could give you all the reasons by but there's no accountability or ownership in that for me making a poor decision.

CrossFit HQ is justified in making their four year ban and I hope it deters anyone from making a bad decision. In the meantime, I'm still gonna make Smashwerx videos for everybody because I want you guys to be healthy. Thanks.

Here's the content of his Instagram post:

When I first started SmashweRx it was to help people over come the dogma our healthcare has created. My father who died of liver failure secondary to a pain control addiction was the last straw for me. SmashweRx was born with the sole intention of helping people overcome acute and chronic pain with better exercise and mobility techniques. 

Somewhere along the way, the ecstasy of winning shifted my attention and clouded my priority's and principles. Using the same platform that has allowed me to help others in the past, I stand before you embarrassed and ashamed of what has transpired in the last few weeks. I can give you all the reasons in the world as to why I did what I did but that would not be acceptable in taking ownership and accountability of my ultimate and poor decisions. I have embarrassed myself, my family, my friends and I know only time can correct the wrong that I have done. 

The four year ban from CrossFit HQ was a fair and justified punishment and I hope it prevents anyone else who falls to the mercy of their ego from doing what I did. I am not proud of my actions and I apologize to everyone I have let down. I will continue to provide the material that I have given in the past, as my mission in helping others still remains strong. I know it will be difficult for many of you to trust me going forward, but competition and my role in health are completely different and I vow to help anyone who needs it.

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