Here Are All Three Online Qualifier Events For The Official Strongman Games

Here Are All Three Online Qualifier Events For The Official Strongman Games
The Official Strongman Games are set for mid-December with seven World's Strongest titles on the line and in a process new to the world of strongman, the main way to qualify is through an online competition. The online qualifier will launch in the next few weeks, but we now have details on all three events involved.

Event 1: Deadlift Total Tonnage

Here are the details for Event 1 -

  • ​30 second time limit
  • Straps allowed
  • Dead stop (No touch and go)
  • No suits allowed
  • Deadlift bars allowed
  • Ladies bars (15kg) are only allowed for ladies

In addition, athletes are allowed to submit older videos as long as they're from the last 6 months.

Event 2: 3RM Log Press

For Event 2, the athletes will set a 3RM log press. They can use a log anywhere from 8"-12" and will clean the log once then press it three times to get a score. Just like Event 1, you can submit an old video as long as it's within the last six months.

Event 3: The Farmer's Walk

The final event in the Official Strongman Games online qualifier is a classic Farmer's Walk for weight 50' out and 50' back. Athletes are not allowed to use straps or other grip aids and the handles can be at most 18" high. The athlete's goal is to move the heaviest weight across the 50' out and 50' back without dropping the load. The athletes must also weigh the handles on video.

Stay tuned for more info on the online qualifier as we get it!

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