15 Motivational Mattie Rogers Quotes

15 Motivational Mattie Rogers Quotes

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Jul 11, 2016 by Paige Bayer
15 Motivational Mattie Rogers Quotes

We're getting ready too see Mattie Rogers compete at the 2017 MIA Classic and IWF Worlds by going back and enjoying some of her best quotes from Instagram. Here are 15 quotes from Mattie Rogers guaranteed to get you motivated and ready to hit the gym, or at least watch other people lift weights. No judgement.

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1. "Get your head out of the way, grip, rip, battle cry and make it happen."

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2. "Quietly. Patiently. Until the job is done."

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3. "If you think you can cheat your way to the top, think again. There's no replacement for hard fucking work. Do your job, let the rest learn the hard way."

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4. "Be tough. Fight all the way through."

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5. "Teach them to be strong. Teach them to be tough. Teach them patience. Teach them to walk with pride and confidence. Then stand back and watch them shine. Strong girls turn into strong women."

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6. "There is no perfect time. No perfect opportunity. No perfect situation. No Perfect moment. You either make it happen, or you don't. You don't wait for it to fall in your lap. You take it."

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7. "Help to build others rather than bring them down. No satisfaction comes from that nasty comment you're about to make about someone, whether it's to them directly or behind their back. Stop hating, start loving. Be a better person."

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8. "Remember the vision. Remember why. Remember the sacrifices. Remember the successes, the failures and the let downs. Remember. The fucking. Mission."

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9. "Fear nothing. Give everything."

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10. "You've got to love the hunt just as much as you love the kill."

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11. "You have to see it happen before you even attempt it. There must not be a single doubt in your mind about what's going to occur in the coming moments. Your training has prepared you. Your work WILL pay off. When your time comes, you must walk out there with nothing but sheer confidence. "Become like the smiling assassin that sees his mark". Make up your mind and let it rip."

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12. "Get out of your own way. Let your training take over."

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13. "Your body is a machine. And machines do not run properly if not fueled properly. Instead of worrying about what it looks like, think about what it can DO. What it is capable of."

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14. "The only thing you can control is your work ethic."

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15. "Can't always have the best days, but these are the ones that really count. The ones you have to grind through. The ones that you leave the gym with literally nothing left in you. Those are the ones that build not just your physical strength, but your mental strength. Don't EVER be out worked by anyone."

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