50-year-old Fire Captain Ed Kranski Deadlifts 585x3 In Full Gear

Ed Kranski's flaming 600lb deadlift is awesome.

How do you imagine retiring from your job of thirty years? Maybe a nice party, getting a gold watch, sharing a cake, and cleaning out your desk? BORING! Fifty-year-old Ed Kranski is retiring from his position as Fire Captain in South Florida and decided to go out with a bang:

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Let's break down the awesomeness contained in that video:

The weights are on fire

Because nothing says "I'm about to do something either really really cool or really really stupid" than lighting your plates on fire. Luckily, Kranski is not only a professional firefighter, he's also a world class powerlifer.

That's 585lb for a triple

Deadlifting 585lb is an incredible feat and not many people in history can say they've done that. Pulling 585 for a triple is just showing off, in the best way possible.

He's 50 years old

Did I mention Kranski is a 50 year old man? Gone are the days of 50 being considered "old" because apparently 50 is peak strength age. 

He's wearing over 80lb of gear

In case we need to make this even more badass, Kranski is wearing a full set of gear including gloves which mess with his grip, rough and bulky pants which catch the barbell and add to the drag, and an air tank/helmet combo that adds a ton of weight directly onto his back which isn't exactly skating by with an easy time during a 600lb deadlift.

So next time you're looking at your retirement plans, maybe you should think about getting into the gym for some pulls first.

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