Alyssa Ritchey, Caitlin Hogan Both Clean-And-Jerk Double Bodyweight

Alyssa Ritchey c&j double bodyweight

The elite club of American women to clean-and-jerk double bodyweight got a little larger at the first-ever American Open Series I meet this weekend in Reno, Nevada. 

Alyssa Ritchey became the sixth U.S. woman to achieve the mark in competition, helping vault her atop the women's 48kg division with a huge 26kg lead over second place. With the lift, Ritchey joined an exclusive group that includes Robin Goad, Morghan King, Tara Nott, Melanie Roach, and fellow American Open Series competitor Caitlin Hogan.

Hogan was the fifth American woman to hit a double bodyweight clean-and-jerk in November at the 2016 University World Championships, and she repeated the feat in Reno.

Hogan took silver overall in the 53kg division behind Cortney Batchelor, who set a new American record snatch at the same meet, due to the new tiebreaker rules set in place on January 1.

Under the previous rules, Hogan would have won due to a bodyweight advantage. The new rules removed that advantage, instead giving the tie to the athlete who achieved her total first.

FloTraining Workout of the Day 1/20/18


FloTraining Workout of the Day 1/20/18

Thrusters, Muscle Ups, Obstacle Courses: The Fittest Experience

Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at 9.07.40 AM.png

Yesterday we saw the first two announced workouts from The Fittest Experience 2018, a Diane variation with handstand walks and a weightlifting complex. Today, we know two more events: Die-A-Phragm and Snaked.

FloTraining Workout of the Day 1/19/18


FloTraining Workout of the Day 1/19/18

The First Two Announced Events From The Fittest Experience

the fittest experience

The Fittest Experience is one of the biggest fitness competitions in Texas and the South-Central United States. With more than $45,000 in prize money and nearly 1,000 athletes competing, The Fittest Experience is bound to be not just a preview of the 2018 CrossFit Games season, but also an exciting competition for regional athletes!

18.0 Is Dumbbell Snatch And Burpees For Some Reason


The CrossFit Games Open is just over a month away, beginning with 18.1 on February 22.

Are You Ready For CrossFit Games Open 18.0?

18 point zero.jpg

The 2018 CrossFit Games Open officially starts on February 22 with 18.1, but Dave Castro isn't going to let numbers get in his way: get ready for 18.Zero on Thursday, January 18.

Mattie Rogers May Be A World Silver Medalist


Mattie Rogers earned a bronze medal at the 2017 IWF World Championships with a 104kg snatch and 131kg clean and jerk, but her bronze medal may be upgraded to a silver due to a doping suspension for the overall silver medalist Romela Begaj (ALB).

FloTraining Workout of the Day 1/17/18


FloTraining Workout of the Day 1/17/18

FloTraining Workout of the Day 1/16/18

Granite Games Day 3 -4F7A2194.jpg

FloTraining Workout of the Day 1/16/18

FloTraining Workout of the Day 1/15/18

Granite Games Day 1 - 40.jpg

FloTraining Workout of the Day 1/15/18