2017 Mid-Atlantic Strongman Challenge

Mid-Atlantic Strongman Challenge Start List

Mid-Atlantic Strongman Challenge Start List

Here's the full start list for the 2017 Mid-Atlantic Strongman Challenge in Charlotte, North Carolina!

Apr 13, 2017 by Armen Hammer
Mid-Atlantic Strongman Challenge Start List
The 2017 Mid-Atlantic Strongman Challenge is shaping up to be an epic contest. With tens of thousands of dollars on the line, Pro cards, qualifying berths to the Arnold and to Strongman Nationals, and an incredible set of events including three maxes, you know the best of the best will be showing up.

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Mid Atlantic Strongman Challenge

Here are all the men's and women's competitors from each division:

Men's Start List

Mens LW <175 Mens MW <231 Mens HW 231+ Mens Masters Mens PRO
Patrick Castelli Nick Morro Jeremy Napier Brett Christenson Robert Oberst
Thomas Piccininni Kevin Cronin Ulice Payne III Mike Gillert Michael Stroozas
Quint Zambon Steve Kesler Adam Turner Chris Lawyer Wesley Claborn
Samuel Stokes Max Neff Troy Bennett Dennis Long Andrew Clayton
Travis Williams Samuel Brown Kemal Carmon Spenser Remick
Jonathan Adams Joshua Daugherty Zane Angle Sean Demarinis
David Babcock Tim Sahar Nicholas Smith Matt Mills
Chris Lawyer James McGregor Christopher McCann Bryan Benzel
Tim Macaulay Jacob Dagel David Daly
Mark Phillips Casey Shoe James Deffinbaugh
Lance Davidson Sam Nicholls Alan Colley
Caleb Lucas Robert Thompson Johnny Wasiczko
Micheal Congdon Ken Nowicki
Joshua Pinkerton Justin Kealhofer
Jes Reeve Chenyang Shi
Geoff Wright Howard Battle III
Chris Burke Dustin Davis
John Norwood Dennis Long
Dan Caraway William Rose
Casey Day
Daniel Clingenpeel
Paul May
Jake Reynolds
Kevin Quiroz
Anthony Fuhrman
Michael De La Pava
Bob Schwantz
Joshua Eisele
Corey Benton
Timothy Bald
Grant Shymske
Connor Nave
Nate Pastrana
Brandon Darmstadter
Michael Cooper

Women's Start List

Womens LW <140 Womens MW <180 Womens HW 180+ Womens Masters Womens Pro
Amber Remick Keya Woodland Laurie Middleswarth Amy Chafin Kaitlin Burgess
Carly Laney Linden Reed Diondra Fryer Kimberly Evans Jessica Kite
Joan Jennings Laura Burgos Heather Hunter Pamela Irby Mollie Hoss
Jazmin Delvalle Katie O'Connor Nicole Holger Liefia Ingalls
Arianna Benfanti Kristine Clingenpeel Vanessa Erickson Kristin Rhodes
Erinmarie Christian Cara Brennan Jessica Putland Sumer Johnson
Toni Pipes Claire Harris Meg Ayers Kimberly Lawrance
Katie Dundas Kristina Alexander Britteny Cornelius
Lauren Dean Lisa Capitano Brooke Sousa
Ashlyn Harlan Jamie Christenson
Erika Schultze
Lisa Grigley
Charity Witt
Tanya Stone

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