2017 Chinese National Games

2017 Chinese Nationals Women's Highlights

2017 Chinese Nationals Women's Highlights

The best Chinese wieghtlifters are getting together to hold their own version of the Olypmics and it's awesome.

Aug 31, 2017 by Stephanie Lodge Lodge
2017 Chinese Nationals Women's Highlights
The women have finished up their competition at the 2017 Chinese National Games, and they've made some huge lifts.

The Games, which started Sunday in Tianjin and run through September 8, have been called quite possibly the best weightlifting event of the year. The Chinese National Games are held only once every four years, making it China's own national Olympics. Some of the highlights from the female competition include Chen Xiaoting (53), Chai Lina (58), Deng Wei (63), Xiang Yanmei (69), and Wang Zhouyu (75).  

Chen Xiaoting (53) snatched 103kg/227lb to equal the current world record!

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Chai Lina (58) snatched 105kg/231lb and clean and jerked 133kg/292lb to win gold!

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Deng Wei (63) snatched 113kg/249lb and clean and jerked 138kg/303lb on her second attempt. This was enough for her to win gold! She holds the current clean and jerk world record with 147kg/323lb.   

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The Olympic Champion Xiang Yanmei (69) snatched 115kg/253lb. She is also a two-time World Champion (2013 and 2015).

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23 year old Wang Zhouyu (75) snatched 120kg/264lb and clean and jerked 145kg/319lb to win gold at the Games!

[instagram url="https://www.instagram.com/p/BYa5fg4g2G4/?taken-by=atginsta" hide_caption="0"]

Stay tuned as the men take the competition stage at the 2017 Chinese National Games!

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