American Open Series Recap And Highlights

CJ Cummings WR and Gold Medal

It's a wrap for the American Open Series with the third competition in the series coming to a close in Grand Rapids, Michigan, this weekend. There were some big lifts made and some records broken!

At age 15, Seth Tom (50kg) went 83/98 for a 181kg total to sweep gold. These were all Youth American Records!

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CJ Cummings (69kg) swept gold at the AO3 with his solid performance of a 135kg/297lb snatch and 180kg/396lb clean and jerk, giving him a 315kg total.

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Morghan King (53) competed as a 53 at the AO3 where she hit a 83kg/183lb snatch and 103kg/227lb clean and jerk for a 186kg total, sweeping gold!

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Jenny Arthur (75) went four out of five, skipping her last clean and jerk attempt. She hit a 105kg/231lb snatch and a 133kg/293lb clean and jerk for a 238kg total.

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She won silver in snatch, just a kg below Quiana Welch who hit a 106kg/233lb snatch.

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Arthur won gold in the clean and jerk and gold in the total.

Jordan Cantrell (85) killed the 85A session. Cantrell snatched 155kg/341lb and clean and jerked 185kg/407lb to put himself onto the World Team in December. Cantrell has put 20kg on his total in the past year alone, and that's without taking his last clean and jerk attempt!

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At age 21, Nathan Damron (94) hit a 158kg/348lb snatch and 196kg/431lb clean and jerk, giving him a 354kg total and sweeping gold and earning a spot on the world team!

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Ian Wilson (105) is back on the platform killing weights! He hit a 167kg/367lb snatch and 209kg/460lb clean and jerk giving him the 376kg total he needed to to outrank Wes Kitts for the World Team. Check out his close attempt at a 216kg/475lb clean and jerk. 216kg would have tied Wilson in ranking with Colin Burns.

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