2017 MIA Classic

How To Watch | 2017 MIA Classic

How To Watch | 2017 MIA Classic

How to watch the 2017 MIA Classic presented by Team Soul on FloElite.com

Sep 28, 2017 by Chase Long
How To Watch | 2017 MIA Classic

Team Soul Weightlifting hosts the largest USA Weightlifting sanctioned meets in Florida. Their last event included over 230 athletes and this year they expect to see over 250 competitors. Team Soul Barbell will hold the 2017 MIA Classic at the Lemon City Events in Little Haiti.

Former stars that have competed include:
Morghan King
Mattie Rogers
Jarred Fleming
Kendrick Farris
Andrew Davis
Travis Mash
Scott Hisaka
Charlie Zamora
Rachel York
Leo Hernandez  
Sam Briggs
Garret Fisher
Lauren Fisher

Watch Live

How to Watch 2017 MIA Classic Presented By Team Soul

On TV: Available on Roku and Apple TV 4 -- download the FloSports app now.
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1. Watch on Roku or AppleTV 4.
My personal preference for game-watching is my Roku -- and AppleTV 4 works just the same. Simply download the FloSports app, login -- or register if you're a first-timer -- and voila. 

2. Watch with Chromecast.
This nifty little Google device is about the size of a flash drive and plugs into the USB port on the back of your television. Once installed, you can project virtually anything from the Google Chrome browser on your computer to your television.

3. Watch on your computer.
This option is perfect for watching the competition if you're going to be away from home. You can also try plugging your computer into your TV via HDMI cord to watch on the big screen.

4. Watch on your tablet or iPhone.
Again, when you're away from home or unable to get to a television, we make life easy. All FloElite events are live streamed via mobile web or on tablets.

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