Get Motivated For 8 Weeks Of Sucky Workouts

You're going to need some motivation to get through these gnarly workouts that Jacob Heppner has put together for you. 

Don't worry — we have plenty of badass and inspirational films to get you through the next eight weeks and then some. The best part is that, as a member, you have access to all of the films below. 

Being Brent Fikowski

Being Brent Fikowski (Trailer)

What better way to prepare for some terrible workouts than by watching The Professor get insanely fit by using some bands?

But in all seriousness, Fikowski drops some great lines about having the appropriate mindset for training and competing at the highest level. It's hard to walk away from this two-part series not feeling like you can dominate the CrossFit Open. 

Watch episode one.


BRIGGS (Trailer)

Here's a reminder that, in 2014, Sam Briggs didn't make the Games after winning in 2013. That's rough — and many athletes would throw in the towel and move on after something like that, but not Sam Briggs. In this series, we catch up with Briggs right after her 2015 Regional performance where she took second place and qualified for the CrossFit Games again.

 Watch episode one

Emily Bridgers | She Has Arrived

Emily Bridgers: She Has Arrived (Trailer)

In this exclusive series, Emily Bridgers explains her "why" and drops some motivational bombs that anyone in the sport of CrossFit can identify with no matter what they're skill level. Learn the backstory of one of CF's biggest fan favorites. 

Watch episode one.

Sam Dancer | The Power Of Love  

Sam Dancer: The Power Of Love (Trailer)

Who doesn't like CrossFit's minotaur, Sam Dancer? If you haven't watched our two-part documentary with Dancer, then you're missing out. Find out why the man that can deadlift 615lb after a 7K trail sprint paints his nails and how he uses the power of love to make a difference in the world. 

Watch episode one.  

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Always Be Crushing With Hunter McIntyre, Week 11

3x5 back squat heavy/ drop weight to 60% complete max reps for 60 second

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The Wodapalooza Online Challenge And Qualifier Dates!

Summer 2018 isn’t even officially here, but already the fitness community can look forward to 2019 with today’s release of the dates for The Wodapalooza Online Challenge and Qualifier. Wodapalooza brings out a monster swell of the fitness community each January — with 25,000 spectators and 1,500 athletes representing countries all over the world, Miami in the new year is the place to be for fans, beginners, and fitness stars alike. 

CrossFit Is Suing Reebok: Here's What You Need To Know

On Thursday, CrossFit, Inc. filed suit against Reebok for “breach of contract,” “breach of covenant of good faith and fair dealing,” and “violations of Massachusetts General Laws Ch. 93A (aka the Consumer Protection Act.)” 

Granite Games: Workout No. 1 Released, Plus A Look At Historical Moments

The Road to Minnesota for the 2018 Kill Cliff Granite Games begins in earnest this week with the announcement of the first of three qualifying workouts. Fitness athletes across the globe will tackle the weekly qualifying tests — spanning from now to July 2 — with the shared goal of joining the 2,000 strong slated to compete September 7-9 in St. Cloud, Minnesota.

Building Stable Weightlifting Positions With Greg Everett Week 12

In this final week, you’ll finish tapering for max lifts on Saturday. Make sleep and nutrition a priority this week!

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Becca Voigt & Ben Smith Highlight The Drama From 2018 CrossFit Regionals

 By Lincoln Shryack

After three straight weekends of qualifying mayhem at the 2018 CrossFit Regionals, the fields of 40 men and 40 women moving on to the 2018 CrossFit Games in Madison, Wisconsin, are set. There were breathtaking performances from past champions, many first-time qualifiers, and, of course, heartbreak for those who came up just short of the cutline across the globe in the nine dramatic qualifying events. Overall, each of the nine regionals lived up to the hype and more.

Always Be Crushing With Hunter McIntyre, Week 10

Raw strength day- everything is performed in super sets until you reach a functioning weight which you sustain for as along as possible 

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Kill Cliff Granite Games Release Workout Hint

As you probably know, the Kill Cliff Granite Games is one of the most badass events of the year, and it'll air live from Minnesota on FloElite this fall. We've got a few months before things get real, but the qualifying workouts begin very, very soon — and the team at Granite Games just released the first hint.

Building Stable Weightlifting Positions With Greg Everett Week 11

You’ll begin tapering a bit this week in preparation for snatch and clean and jerk maxes next. Saturday: NO MISSES on heavy single squat attempts

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Regional Weekend No. 3: The Toomey vs Saunders Rematch Will Be Epic

It’s hard to believe it, but upon the conclusion of this weekend’s Atlantic, Pacific, and Meridian Regionals, the CrossFit Games will be less than two months away. Summer may still be a few weeks out, but the heat is already here, and the best fitness athletes in the world are rounding into shape for a shot at the biggest prize in the sport.