Breakdown Of The Men's CrossFit Open Leaderboard

The CrossFit Open is now over, but it isn’t necessarily in the books. The standings aren’t made official until May 1 when the top 20 of the Open, national champions, and special invites are announced. While none of the rankings are official as of yet, there has been a lot of conversation about who is at the top of the standings and who looks to be moving on to the CrossFit Games in Madison, Wisconsin, later this year.

Let’s take a look ourselves at who appears to be in, and as of today, who appears to be out.

The Men’s Standings

Not only is Mat Fraser the American leader on the men’s side, but he is also the overall leader and will be the 2019 Open Champion as long as no penalties are assessed. He won two Open workouts (19.3 and 19.5), placed second in 19.4, and third in 19.2. Winning this year will make him a four-time Open Champion.

Lefteris Theofanidis of Greece is currently second overall in the Open. He didn’t win any of the Open workouts but finished in the top 30 overall in all five weeks so the consistency paid off for him. This is by far his best performance in the Open and will be making his debut at the Games as a result.

Bjorgvin Karl Gudmundsson rounds out the top three on the men’s side. He will also rank as the highest athlete in Iceland and will be the national champion. Jacob Heppner of the USA and Jean-Simon Roy-Lemaire make up the rest of the top five. Here is the compelte top 20.

6 Cole Sager

7 Uldis Upenieks

8 George Sterner

9 Samuel Cournoyer

10 Rich Froning

11 Scott Panchik

12 Jason Carroll

13 Zachery Buntin

14 Streat Hoerner

15 Devin Ford

16 Travis Mayer

17 Richard Castillo

18 Frederik Aegidius (tie)

18 Bayden Brown (tie)

20 Simon Mantyla (tie)

20 Samuel Kwant (tie)

Thanks to national champions being among that list and four-time Fittest Man on Earth Rich Froning not competing in individuals, the cutoff has been extended to 28th. Here’s who is among the extended group.

22 Lukas Hogberg (tie)

22 Logan Collins (tie)

24 Eric Carmody

25 Casper Gammelmark

26 Alex Vigneault

27 Jeffrey Adler

28 Dean Linder-Leighton

Other Athletes' Standings

As you look over those rankings, you’ll see there are some big name athletes that are currently on the outside of the top 20 looking in. However, they are still going the Games thanks to either winning their national championship or a Sanctional.

Patrick Vellner didn’t finish in the top 20 nor did he finish the highest out of the athletes in Canada, but he will be in the Games thanks to his win at Wodapalooza in January.

France’s Willy Georges finished third overall last year in the Open and followed that up with a ninth-place finish at the Games. He is in the 34th position on the Open leaderboard as of now. If that holds, he will get in thanks to him winning the national championship for his native France.

Jonne Koski of Finland actually won 19.4 this year which helped him finish 36th overall. He is currently the leader in his home country, which would be enough for him to make it to the Games. He was ninth at the 2017 Games but missed last year.

Ohlsen Out?

The most shocking placement so far has to be Noah Ohlsen. He won the 2016 Open and last year finished the Games as the sixth Fittest Man on Earth. The 2019 Open standings currently show him in 63rd overall. He also hasn’t won a Sanctional event as of yet. He finished third at Wodapalooza in January, but Patrick Vellner maintains that qualification as the winner. Ohlsen will have to win one of the remaining Sanctionals in order to make his sixth trip to the Games.

We’ll follow this up with a look at the women’s side of the field coming up soon. In the meantime, go to for more about the leaderboards for the 2019 Open.

What You Need to Know About the French Throwdown

After a season and journey that has included more than a dozen events that have challenged athletes around the world and inspired millions of fans, it has all come down to this. The final Sanctional event is upon us. For the athletes who will be competing, this is the final opportunity to qualify for the 2019 CrossFit Games. 

CrossFit Games Updates: New Stream & Media Policies

The 2019 CrossFit season will be one that is remembered as a season of change. The Regionals were replaced with Sanctionals, the Open was more challenging than ever, more athletes will be competing for the title of “Fittest on Earth,” and more people are being recognized in the fitness community than ever before.

Cedric Lapointe Is On The Hunt For Redemption At French Throwdown

Cédric Lapointe is an up-and-coming athlete who has been on the biggest stage of the CrossFit world. He made it to the Games in 2018 as a part of a team. Very few people walking the planet knows what that is like. 

Missy Herman Looks For CrossFit Games Berth At French Throwdown

One of the many benefits from the Sanctionals that have taken place so far is that the fitness community has been introduced to some amazing athletes that have their own experiences which they hope will lead them to the biggest stage in CrossFit; the Games.

Travis Mayer And Emily Rolfe Win The 2019 Granite Games Championship

Travis Mayer can add 2019 Granite Games champion to his list of accomplishments. Mayer looked dominant all weekend accumulating 712 points in the process. With only 1 event finish outside the top 10, Mayer finished 64 points ahead of 2nd place and never looked at risk of losing his top spot. 

Team CrossFit Krypton Win The 2019 Granite Games Team Championship

Alec Smith, Cody Mooney, and Jessica Griffith have proven that great things happen when they come together and with the addition of Dani Speegle to their team this weekend, CrossFit Krypton looked unstoppable. 

Travis Mayer And Carrie Beamer Still Top Of The Pack

The Pro division faced just two events on day 3, On The Rope 2.0 and Bear Press. With minimal points available to move the needle, athletes looking to climb the leaderboard had to bring their A game.

CrossFit Krypton Takes Over At Granite Games Day 2

It was an event filled day for the Pro Teams at day 2 of the 2019 Granite Games. With 5 scored events worth of points up for grabs we knew we would see some incredible performances. 

RPM Central Beast Lead Granite Games Team Competition Day 1

It’s possible that the Granite Games team competition is the most exciting team competition of the season as super teams are coming together for another chance to punch a ticket to the 2019 CrossFit Games or simply work out some kinks before the Games.

Mayer & Beamer Lead The Way At Granite Games Day 2

Reigning Granite Games champion Travis Mayer made it clear he was competing to protect his crown. Mayer took seventh place on the trail run, first place on the hill sprint, and third on the clean ladder during day 1. The Games veteran knows the key to a successful weekend is consistency and continued his solid event finishes on day 2, taking sixth on the go for broke chipper and seventh place on the longest mile 2.0.