Nike Romaleos 3 Review

Nike Romaleos 3 Review

Nike Romaleos 3 Review

The Romaleos 3 are a huge departure from the Romaleos 2 in both aesthetic design and engineering.

They’re built and designed as a true athletic shoe for weightlifters. The look is brand new, a big change from the older Romaleos where both the first and second generation shared the same design.

The synthetic leather and Flywire which makes up the upper is much more flexible and much more breathable when compared to the Romaleos 2.

Fit and Feel

The heel height is identical to the Romaleos 2, but the shoes feel completely different on the shoes for one big reason: weight.

The Romaleos 3 are incredibly light. Where the first generation of Romaleos weighed around 620 grams and the second generation lost a bunch of weight at around 475 grams, both of those shoes felt like ski boots: stiff, heavy, solid.

The Romaleos 3 weigh in even lighter than the Romaleos 2, by about 10%.

In practice, this weight difference is incredible. The shoes feel nimble, light, and agile while still retaining a good ground feel. It took me a few sessions to get used to the new weight, but once I did get used to them, I found them to be very comfortable.


These are athletic shoes built for weightlifting from the ground up and they perform that way.

The combination of the shoe’s upper, the midfoot strap, the softer tongue, and heel cup allows a great deal of freedom for where and how much tightness and pressure you’re looking for along your foot.

I really enjoyed how flexible the toe box is, especially during jerks.


The Nike Romaleos 3 are great weightlifting shoes, built from the ground up for the sport of weightlifting. With a great fit, solid features, and a newly updated light and flexible design, you won’t go wrong with these kicks.