Trevor Bachmeyer Cheats 17.5: Full Video

Trevor Bachmeyer Cheats 17.5: Full Video

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After an announcement yesterday about Trevor Bachmeyer's disqualification due to submitting a doctored video for 17.5, we've all been waiting to see the whole video. Luckily for you, we found it and now present it in its glory (but without audio).

The video begins exactly how you'd expect it to: introducing himself to the camera, showing his weights, etc. It's when he sets the camera down and walks over to the bar that things get wonky. The loop begins with the very first round (start around the 40 second mark) which you can notice best by paying attention to his lower back. The crossfade transition he uses is most apparent there. He then loops the same round nine times until the last round, which he clearly recorded separately in order to dramatically drop his jumprope at the end and fall to the ground, sucking wind.

It's still unclear exactly what he thought was going to happen with this submission, but both CrossFit HQ and the community at large has reacted and it's difficult to see Bachmeyer saving face here without a huge apology.