The Only Memorial Day Murph Strategy You Need

The Only Memorial Day Murph Strategy You Need

Memorial Day Murph is an annual tradition for many CrossFitters and for nearly all of them the question of just how to partition the pull ups, push ups, and squats is the main part of their strategy. I've done Murph at least 10 times with various approaches from the hardest version possible (weight vest + chest to bar pull ups + straight through) to different strategies in partitioning the middle portion of the workout. 

With all that experience, there is one strategy which stands out as the best way to do Murph the quickest and with the easiest recovery: 50 rounds of 2/4/6.

There are two problems most people have with this strategy is the transition time and keeping track of their rounds. If you can solve these two problems, this version of Murph is my pick for the best way to attack the workout.

The benefits of the 2/4/6 strategy

With the 2/4/6 strategy, you avoid the biggest speed bump in Murph: muscle endurance. Pull ups, push ups, and squats are all taxing from a muscle endurance stand point and that burn can slow you down or even stop you in your tracks on something like push ups. With small sets like 2/4/6, you're never even approaching your burnout on any of those movements and can therefore push the pace if you can handle it.

Keeping transitions quick

Keeping your transitions quick is key since you have a ton of chances to dilly dally and lose time. You need to set yourself up directly under a pull up bar and not move from that area at all. You jump up to do your two pull ups, drop down into your push ups, and stand up into your six squats. Once you're done with the squats, you jump right back up onto the bar and repeat. 

Knowing which round you're on

This is a simple problem with a simple solution. Any smart phone or watch can keep track of your splits and laps for you and this is where those functions come in handy. Set your smart phone on a box next to you and hit the lap or split button on the stop watch during your squats or use a training watch with a lap function to tell you how many splits you've completed.

Simply put, this strategy led to the fastest and easiest Murphs I've ever done. As long as you stay focused, keep track of your rounds, and push a manageable pace the entire time, you'll crush it with this strategy.

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