Reebok Nano 7 Weave Review

Reebok Nano 7 Weave Review

It feels like the Reebok Nano 7s were just released, and yet here with are with a newly updated version with a different construction for the upper. But what does that really mean for the fit, feel, and performance of this shoe?

Fit and Feel

The new Nano 7 Weaves look a lot like the old Nano 7s, but the feel of the shoe is incredibly different in a good way.

You’ve still got the wide toe box, the stiff and dense sole, the locked down ankle, and the durable materials on the instep and midsole of the shoe.

The biggest difference to me is that there is no longer what felt like a super aggressive lateral strap built into the shoe across the forefoot. Instead, the new Weave material has the lateral support spread throughout the upper’s weave pattern -- this makes a huge difference.

With the original Nano 7s, I was caught by surprise by that lateral support. Even though I got used to it after a few sessions, it was not very comfortable, and I ended up getting rid of those shoes pretty quickly.

These new Nano 7 Weaves don’t have that same problem and are actually a much more familiar and comfortable shoe right out of the box.


I liked the way the Nano 7s performed during my workouts, and nothing is different here with the Nano 7 Weaves. If anything, there’s an improvement just because they feel better on the foot and you’re not stuck thinking about that weird strap constricting your foot.


Like a lot of people, I have favorites for the shoes in which I train. When it comes to the Nanos, my favorites have always been my OG Nano 2.0s followed closely by the Nano 4s. These new Nano 7 Weaves are tied in third with the 6s, which means they feel good, are solid training shoes, and will stand up to the regular abuses shoes get put through on a day-to-day basis in the gym.