Fraser Is Unstoppable

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Guesnier set the tone with an impressive performance in the first heat with 13:17 finish, but the second heat brought the fire.

The second heat was full of CrossFit rockstars like Spencer Hendel and Lucas Parker, but it was Rasmus Wisbech Andersen who took the lead early and absolutely smashed it. Andersen finished in 11:46, nearly a minute ahead of Rob Forte's second place finish.

Andersen's time didn't last when Heat 3 took the floor. With volume monster Jacob Heppner and exceptional exercisers Noah Ohlsen, Cole Sager, Sam Kwant, Sam Dancer, and Garrett Fisher pushing each other in the heat, Andersen's 11:46 didn't have a chance. But the new time to beat was set by rookie Samuel Kwant even with a no rep on his final rep at 11:37.

Heat 4 featured the best of the best through six events so far, and Mat Fraser was absolutely unwilling to let got of his incredible lead. Even with competition from Bridges, Panchik, Alex Anderson, Vellner, Fikowski, Smith, Vigneault, BKG, and Mayer, Fraser just refused to lose.

Although he didn't take first overall (Sam Kwant's 11:37 stuck around), Fraser's 2nd place finish in Double DT was enough to expand his lead over second place to 144 points. Second place is now occupied by Ben Smith, but the lead Fraser has will be nearly impossible to overcome.

Assuming there are 8 more full point events, Smith would have to beat Fraser by an average differential of just over 18 points, which means he'd have to place first or second in every event to Fraser's 5th or 6th.

Men's Leaderboard:
  1. (586) Mathew Fraser
  2. (444) Ben Smith
  3. (430) Alex Anderson
  4. (412) Scott Panchik
  5. (408) Josh Bridges
  6. (404) Alex Vigneault
  7. (396) Patrick Vellner
  8. (376) Brent Fikowski
  9. (376) Jacob Heppner
  10. (364) Travis Mayer
  11. (362) Bjorgvin Karl Gudmundsson
  12. (350) Travis Williams
  13. (342) Samuel Kwant
  14. (342) Noah Ohlsen
  15. (326) Lukas Hogberg
  16. (320) Rasmus Wisbech Andersen
  17. (300) Garret Fisher
  18. (290) Rob Forte
  19. (282) Cole Sager
  20. (280) Lukas Esslinger
  21. (272) Sam Dancer
  22. (270) Marcus Filly
  23. (266) Spencer Hendel
  24. (254) Lucas Parker
  25. (250) Ben Stoneberg
  26. (244) Jacob Anderson
  27. (236) Albert-Dominic Larouche
  28. (232) Christian Lucero
  29. (230) Khan Porter
  30. (216) Sean Sweeney
  31. (210) Adrian Mundweiler
  32. (210) Joseph Guesnier
  33. (208) Zak Carchedi
  34. (198) Roy Gamboa
  35. (198) Mitchell Sinnamon
  36. (196) James Newbury
  37. (188) Gary Helmick
  38. (182) Logan Collins
  39. (134) Zeke Grove
  40. (142) Jonne Koski

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