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Sam Briggs has accomplished a feat the majority of CrossFitters only dream of. In 2013, she stood on the Fittest On Earth's podium, having successfully won the title at the CrossFit Games. Her strength, agility, and speed propelled her above the field of competition, which is why her failure to qualify to the Games the next year left the world speechless. There's much more to Sam that meets the eye, and the adversity this athlete has overcome is seemingly more than any other high-level CrossFitter. In this episode, we'll give you an in-depth look at the life of Sam Briggs, her 10-year experience as a firefighter, breaking her knee cap and time stepping away from the competitive floor, and standing on the Fittest On Earth Podium in 2013.

BRIGGS (Episode 2)

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BRIGGS (Episode 2)

Jul 8, 2015

After a missed qualification to the 2014 CrossFit Games, Sam came back with a vengeance and stormed through off-season competitions. From the Soul Open, to Wodapalooza, to the East Coast Championships, Sam looked like she was the fittest she'd ever been. Just when things were going her way, injury ensued. The week before the Open, she started having back issues that limited training, which turned out to be disk problems that caused her SI to lock up. Sam was unable to lift five pounds off the floor. "It's frustrating that I've trained so hard and I'm not able to showcase what I'm capable of." In this episode of BRIGGS, we'll take you through the 2014 Regional that left the CrossFit community in shock, her dominating comeback, and her recent ventures that punched her ticket back to Carson. Sam will return to The Games in 2015, fighting through nagging injuries to stand on top of The Fittest podium at the end of the weekend.