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DANIEL CAMARGO | Correcting Overextension Of The Hips In Your Snatch

Dec 2, 2014

This technical breakdown is addressing the common issue of too much hip contact when moving weight, which often times leads to bruising or tenderness in the hip region. In this video, Danny points out how athletes can fix the error, also highlighting adjustments to avoid. Camargo began his coaching career within a year after retiring from competing. As a head coach, he has produced several State, Collegiate and National Champions. Having successfully passed all requisite levels of coaching certifications, and meeting the requirement of athlete production as stipulated in the guidelines of USA Weightlifting, Camargo is currently a U.S. International Level Coach. In 2008, Camargo was elected President of the Florida Weightlifting Federation and is still in office. He has served the Weightlifting community in his home state of Florida, beginning in 2004 as the Vice-President.