2017 IWF European Championships

Dumitru Captari Takes Gold From The B Session!

Dumitru Captari Takes Gold From The B Session!

Romania's Dumitru Captari (77) takes gold at the 2017 IWF European Championships from the B session with a 160kg snatch, a 200kg clean-and-squat jerk!

Apr 6, 2017 by Stephanie Lodge Lodge
Dumitru Captari Takes Gold From The B Session!
Romania's Dumitru Captari has won gold in the men's 77kg division at the 2017 European Championships with an incredible 160kg snatch and 200kg clean-and-jerk on Wednesday in Split, Croatia.

Captari is one of only two lifters in his weight class using a squat jerk for a 200kg clean-and-jerk (the other lifter being China's Lu Xiaojun). He also took gold while competing in the B session, which is very rare in weightlifting:

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Other lifters didn't have quite the day Captari enjoyed.

Daniel Godelli (77kg, Albania) won the snatch gold medal with his 161kg lift. The 25-year-old made a successful lift with his opening clean-and-jerk at 186kg but missed his following two attempts, going 2 for 6 and coming in fourth overall with a total of 347kg.

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Max Lang (77kg, Germany) came in fifth overall with a total of 344kg. He set a new snatch personal record at 156kg and a total PR.

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In his past two competitions, Lang has gone 6 for 6 and has hit new PRs at each of them. Prior to the 2017 Euros, Lang competed in his first Bundesliga competition of 2017 and set a personal record in the snatch at 154kg.

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The PRs keep rolling in for Lang. He's dealing with a bit of a shoulder issue right now. But hopefully that clears up, and he returns to full form soon.