2017 IWF European Championships

Simon Martirosyan (ARM) Wins Gold At 2017 European Championships!

Simon Martirosyan (ARM) Wins Gold At 2017 European Championships!

The 2017 IWF European Championships are concluded with championship performances out of Armenia's Simon Martirosyan and Russia's Adam Maligov.

Apr 10, 2017 by Armen Hammer
Simon Martirosyan (ARM) Wins Gold At 2017 European Championships!
The 2017 IWF European Championships have wrapped up and there were great lifts and performances in the last day of competition as the big dogs are taking their turn to shine on the European Championship stage.

Simon Martirosyan (105, Armenia) concluded the 105kg A session at the European Weightlifting Championships with his 230kg/506lb clean and jerk, becoming the 2017 European Champion at only 20 years old.  He placed silver at the 2016 Olympic games with a 190kg/418lb snatch, 227kg/499lb clean and jerk and 417kg total.  

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Aurimas Didzbalis (94, Lithuania) took gold in the snatch in the men's 94kg division with this 181kg/398lb lift.

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He went 4 or 6, only hitting his opening clean and jerk at 205kg/451lb to end with a 386kg total. This was just 6kg below his total from the 2016 Olympic games in Rio this past summer where he won bronze as well.

Where Didzbalis took gold in the snatch, Adam Maligov (94, Russia) became the 2017 European Champion in the men's 94kg division, finishing three for three in the snatch with a 180kg/396lb lift. He only made one clean and jerk, hitting his opener at 208kg/457lb with no need for a third attempt to come out to a 388kg total.  

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And in case you missed it, Georgia's Lasha Talakhadze (+105) hit a new World Record with a 217kg/477lb snatch at the 2017 European Championships in Split, Croatia. At a bodyweight of 158.10kg (only about a kilo over his weight at the Olympics), Talakhadze went 6 for 6 on the big stage.
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He went 203kg/210kg/217kg in the snatch and followed that with 237kg/245kg/250kg clean and jerk to end with 467kg total.  This was 21kg over the second place finish. Talakhadze, who won the 2016 European Championship as well, is the 2016 Olympic Champion from the Rio Olympics.  In Rio he hit a 215kg snatch and a 258kg clean and jerk for a 473kg total.