Here's The Full List Of Competitors At The 2017 Strongman Nationals

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More than 260 amateur Strongmen and Strongwomen from all over North America will be coming to the Linq in Las Vegas on November 10th & 11th, competing in 5 events that will test their strength and skill. 

I believe this to be the largest Strongman Corporation Nationals to date, with 265 competitors across 6 divisions and 13 weight classes. The top 20% in each weight class will earn invites to the Arnold Amateur World Championships in March, the largest fitness expo in the world. There are also 9 pro cards up for grabs. 

The top 3 overall in the men’s Middleweight and Heavyweight division get their pro card; along with the overall winner the Women’s Lightweight, Middleweight, and heavyweight divisions. Here's the full start list by division.

Men's Lightweights 


Raymond Frausto MLW150

Nicholas Boyce MLW150

Alex Marquez MLW150

Brad Baldwin MLW150


Ross Remillard MLW175

Zach Kellogg MLW175

Rafael Paredes MLW175

Bryant Bonilla MLW175

Caymann Johnston MLW175

Seth Hunter MLW175

Jack Martin MLW175

Alvino Garcia MLW175

Ryan Faumuina MLW175

Daniel Nadvornik MLW175

Brett Fain MLW175

Jonathan Armada MLW175

Richard Stout MLW175

Michael Sidwell MLW175

Nathan Ziegler MLW175

Samuel Stokes MLW175

Jack Veselik MLW175

Nick Gagnon MLW175

Abel deSantiago MLW175

Benjamin Hayden MLW175

Richard Yu MLW175

Corey Simmons MLW175

Quint Zambon MLW175

Tyler Prata MLW175

Men's Middleweights 


Seth Larsen MMW200

Matthew Erhart MMW200

Pierce Frandle MMW200

Christopher van der Hoeven MMW200

Nicolai Myers MMW200

Andrew Mock MMW200

Chad Wilde MMW200

Dominic Morais MMW200

Mitchell Griffin MMW200

Anthony Raphael Pickering MMW200

Jeff Kryglik MMW200

Christopher Krause MMW200

Garret Steart (Stewart) MMW200

Ryan Largay MMW200

Sean Loy MMW200

Kevin Candito MMW200

Isaac Smith MMW200

Michael Gonzales MMW200

Allen Mays MMW200

Cole Booth MMW200

Eric Breker MMW200

Nick Sinitiere MMW200

Scott Lamb MMW200

Eric King MMW200


Jason Crane MMW231

Benjamin Woods MMW231

Michael Battaglino MMW231

Joe Grossi MMW231

Mark Wissler MMW231

Chris Slater MMW231

Andrew Schneider MMW231

Alexander Maske MMW231

Tommy Sharp MMW231

Corey Benton MMW231

Sean Adams MMW231

Kenneth Hacker MMW231

Adam Knotts MMW231

Chevy Humphrey MMW231

Nate Bolling MMW231

Derrick Clement MMW231

Devin Preston MMW231

Joshua Eisele MMW231

Daniel Clingenpeel MMW231

Manny Correa MMW231

Tyler Frost MMW231

Dillon Dutcher MMW231

Nicholas Keough MMW231

Jason McGinty MMW231

Scott Compton MMW231

Ernest Matthew Yrlas MMW231

Jordan Donaldson MMW231

Bob Schwantz MMW231

Anthony San Lorenzo MMW231

Derrek Cox MMW231

Dale Holthaus MMW231

Gregg Wong MMW231

Nick Crockford MMW231

Lee Vandergraaf MMW231

Matthew Moeller MMW231

Chris DaLoia MMW231

Reed Tompkins MMW231

Taylor Tibbitts MMW231

Tom Yannuzzi MMW231

Blake Harris MMW231

Kevin Cronin MMW231

Randy Cole MMW231

Stan Kantor MMW231

Vinny Feraca MMW231

Joe Scott MMW231

Men's Heavyweights 


Brian Alsruhe MHW265

Gary Loyd MHW265

Bryon Arena MHW265

Dawson Montfort MHW265

Blake Pruter MHW265

Zane Alcantara MHW265

Nicolas Cambi MHW265

Daniel Mason MHW265

Michael Simpson MHW265

Grant Lynch MHW265

David Martin MHW265

Anthony Pernice MHW265

Gregg Inocencio MHW265

Kevin Clark MHW265

Anthony Albert MHW265

Ragnar Riley MHW265


David Daly MHW300

Marcus Crowder MHW300

Michael Salter MHW300

Bryant Davidson MHW300

Jason Stordahl MHW300

Matt Mills MHW300

Kevin Wickline MHW300

Matt Webb MHW300

Craig Pfisterer MHW300

Caleb Perkins MHW300

Gabriel Pena MHW300

Robert Moyer MHW300

Tim Filus MHW300

Andrew Wickham MHW300

Joel Donahue MHW300

Ryan Imbach MHW300

Daniel Watson MHW300

Thomas Bryson MHW300


Chuck Northrop MSHW

Charles Mitchell MSHW

Brett Thompson MSHW

Tommy Burns MSHW

Bronson Tiwanak MSHW

Eric Small MSHW

Andrew Presnell MSHW

Robert Ziegler MSHW

Jeff Henderson MSHW

Joshua Hatfield MSHW

Joe Stella MSHW

Justin Kealhofer MSHW

Jonathon Lester MSHW

Dylan Bartz MSHW

Dylan Lockard MSHW

Michael Ogden MSHW

David Vieru MSHW

Zach Reed MSHW

James Smith MSHW

Ryan Malin MSHW

Women's Lightweight 


Alena Alsruhe WLW120

Dawn Donofrio WLW120

Lacy King WLW120

Amy Farrell WLW120

Emily Lee WLW120

Ariel Buric WLW120

Ashleigh Dinkins WLW120

Desiree Clayborn WLW120

Tawnya Roberts WLW120

Christa Sigler WLW120


Rebekah Ruse WLW140

Laura Pilchuk WLW140

Emily Elliott WLW140

Sara Geer WLW140

Jacqueline Wood WLW140

Kathlynn Dooley WLW140

Nikita Ottosen WLW140

Kelly Plush WLW140

Amanda Salter WLW140

Laura O'Connor-Butler WLW140

Michelle Martinez WLW140

Gailynn Petry WLW140

Katie Dundas WLW140

Kim Knudsen WLW140

Kena Perry WLW140

Tanna Rae Manthe WLW140

Amy Fink WLW140

Christina Bangma WLW140

Alisha Ciolek WLW140

Julie Phommasak WLW140

Britney Branes WLW140

Jeanna Gaglioti WLW140

Daphne Zhang WLW140

Tracie Heacox WLW140

Amanda Vogt WLW140

Ashlee Munsey WLW140

Skylar Wickhorst WLW140

Brittney Orten WLW140

Kathleen Villarreal WLW140

Meagan Kobielski WLW140

Shamaira Gonzalez WLW140

Joanne Mulligan WLW140

Sherri Fontes WLW140

Kristen Graham WLW140

Tracy Stankavage WLW140

Elizabeth Schneider WLW140

Women's Middleweight


Ashley Bryant WMW160

Ashley Bryant WMW160

Adrienne Snyder WMW160

Nikki (Alexis) Simmons WMW160

Erin Ummer WMW160

Erin Walklet WMW160

Claire Wallace WMW160

Jordanne Beach WMW160

Gabrielle Fontaine WMW160

Cara Brennan WMW160

Kelli Christian WMW160

Latisha (Tisha) Booth WMW160

Anastasia Jones WMW160

Sonia Gaeta WMW160

Jamie Schamma WMW160


Lisa Capitano WMW180

Ashlyn Harlan WMW180

Jane Battenfeld WMW180

Sarah Cogswell WMW180

Katie O'Connor WMW180

Rachael Bennett WMW180

Kimberly Dodd WMW180

Kennedy Courtney WMW180

Erin Murray WMW180

Danielle Vaji WMW180

Charity Witt WMW180

Andrea Dowling WMW180

Emily Trahan WMW180

Jobeth Williams WMW180

Megan Stone WMW180

Cecilia Elam WMW180

Katie St. Clair WMW180

Cheyenne Martis WMW180

Hannah Artigue WMW180

Linden Reed WMW180

Dejanee White WMW180

Abbie Deal WMW180

Sonja Schofield WMW180

Cristina Crass WMW180

Emily Ware WMW180

Lindsay Aceto WMW180

Ashley Crawford WMW180

Cori Butler WMW180

Women's Heavyweight


Jeana Jenkins WHW200

Jocelyn Delworth WHW200

Heather MacDonald WHW200 

Jeana Jenkins WHW200

Jocelyn Delworth WHW200

Amanda Kelly WHW200

Mairead Kiernan WHW200

Kathrine Cross WHW200

Kristal Renaudette WHW200

Jennie Repsher WHW200


Monica Gragg WHW200.5+

Courtney Martin WHW200.5+

Diondra Fryer WHW200.5+

Julia Smay WHW200.5+

Tiffany Drake WHW200.5+

Rebekah Getman WHW200.5+

Fahran Robb WHW200.5+

Jessica Fithen WHW200.5+

Shanice Hairston WHW200.5+

Kori Penick WHW200.5+

Christina Kirk WHW200.5+

Rachel Wilson WHW200.5+

Melissa Edwards WHW200.5+

Ashley Juge WHW200.5+

Laurie Middleswarth WHW200.5+

Lindsay Jean WHW200.5+

Billie Burcume WHW200.5+

By Kalle Beck. Kalle Beck is a Lightweight Strongman Competitor who runs Starting Strongman which is devoted to getting people interested in the sport of Strongman and showing that it is truly for everyone. Kalle can be contacted for Online Training at

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