West Coast Classic Promises Elite Action, Nostalgia, And Community

West Coast Classic Promises Elite Action, Nostalgia, And Community

The first-ever West Coast Classic is a 3-day fitness festival on March 20th-22nd in Del-Mar, California, live on FloElite.

Mar 9, 2020 by FloElite Staff
West Coast Classic Promises Elite Action, Nostalgia, And Community

We’re just a couple weeks away from kicking off the first-ever West Coast Classic. The 3-day fitness festival is set to go down March 20th-22nd in Del-Mar, California, live on FloElite.

Hype for the West Coast Classic (WCC) has been building since November of 2018. CrossFit HQ put out an official press release announcing the launch of WCC adding it to the roster of competitions sanctioned by CrossFit Inc. WCC is a completely new event owned and put on by Loud and Live Sports, the same team behind Wodapalooza. Since that press release in 2018 a lot has happened in the CrossFit world. There are now 20 plus sanctioned CrossFit competitions, the Open has moved to the fall, and a whole list of other important things that we don’t have the time to jump into now, but the excitement for the WCC continues to build.

The competition at the WCC promises to be top tier. Unlike many of the other Sanctionals, there’s no dedicated online qualifier for the Elite Divisions at the WCC. Athletes must participate in the CrossFit Open to gain their spot at the WWC. There are 50 potential spots for the Elite men and women. You can earn your spot by either being top 30 in the ‘worldwide’ Open leaderboard or top 10 in the ‘west’ Open leaderboard. WCC is also inviting 10 more athletes through special ‘invite-only’ spots.

The path to compete at WCC is similar for the Elite Teams of 4. There are 30 total spots for teams. Pass to qualify include: Top 10 teams from 2019 CrossFit Games, top 3 teams Wodapalooza 2020, Sanctional team champions within the previous 12-months, or by finishing top 15 as a collective team through the CrossFit Open. Look for the competition to be intense with limited ways to get in and a ticket to the 2020 CrossFit Games on the line.

WCC is much more than just a Sanctioned CrossFit competition where the Elites can throw down. In addition to the Elite divisions, WCC has open registration RX, Intermediate, and Scaled community teams of 3. As well as individual divisions for masters and teens. With multiple divisions to compete in, WCC is truly a community-driven event, similar to Wodapalooza. 

The WCC will also be hosting the first-ever Outwod Championship. Through an official partnership with Outwod, WCC is offering the top 7 RX Men and Women from the ‘Out in the Open’ CrossFit Open leaderboard the opportunity to compete in Del Mar

The other big thing that the WCC has going for it is simply its location. California is where CrossFit started, especially southern California where many of OG CrossFit affiliates are still big names today. It’s also no mistake that Loud and Live Sports chose the Del-Mar Fairgrounds for their location, the same venue as the CrossFit West Regionals in the past. The WCC will be an event steeped in nostalgia and the history of CrossFit culture. Through their Instagram, WCC has announced that every workout of the weekend will be either a former CrossFit Games or Regionals event or the evolution of one. 

The WCC is also offering up a serious $335,500 total prize purse for these athletes. Elite individuals and teams through 10th place will receive a cash prize. Which is great for the high caliber athletes competing and the growth of CrossFit overall. 1st place for the individuals will win $40,000 and 1st for the teams will win $20,000. Prize purses like this draw out the best athletes in the world, regardless if they’ve already earned their ticket to the CrossFit Games. Look for athletes in the Elite division to come with their ‘A’ game for a chance to take home that big check.

Despite recent health scares with the COVID 19, WCC is still moving forward with its planned dates of March 20th-22nd. Earlier this week, the Arnold Sports Festival announced that the Expo portion of their festival was canceled. This announcement led some people in the CrossFit community to question whether any Sanctional events would be affected. Following these concerns, the team at Loud and Live Sports took to the WCC Instagram for an official statement. 

Stay tuned for more updates around the 2020 WCC and let us know what you’re most excited to see at the competition.