picture of World's Strongest Man Masters & World's Strongest Woman

Sep 17, 2016

World's Strongest Master Frame Carry

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2016 World's Strongest Master Frame Carry

Sep 20, 2016

Up to that point, the field was still fairly even, but that all changed when they wheeled out the 420-kilogram frame carry -- a weight that frustrated many competitors at Europe's Strongest Man earlier this year, and continued to in Doncaster this weekend. Five of the earlier competitors were unable to complete the course. But Pollock, "The Machine," finished the course, and finished it fast. He ran a blistering-fast time of 15.62 seconds before jumping onto the frame to delight the crowd. Best was the next to really shake up the field -- he put up a quick time of 11.8. Blekaitis and Felix were the last pair to go. The race was neck and neck until Felix dropped the frame, which allowed the Lithuanian to take the victory in 10.74 seconds.