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Sep 17, 2016

World's Strongest Master Atlas Stones

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2016 World's Strongest Master Atlas Stones

Sep 20, 2016

Going into the final event, Best, Blekaitis and Felix were all in position to possibly leave Doncaster with the golden trophy. Dennis Van Beuskom of The Netherlands was the first to complete all five stones in a great time of 38.48 seconds. But that wouldn't stand up to the mighty Felix, who literally destroyed the course in a winning time of 20.38 seconds and slam-dunked the last stone straight through the top of the antique whiskey barrel much to the joy of the crowd and the dismay of Best. After the barrel was replaced and the stone thoroughly dried off, Best took the field knowing he needed a fast time to secure the title. He completed the course in a fast 21.66 seconds. Although it wasn't enough to beat Felix, it was more than enough to put the pressure on Blekaitis. He knew all he had to do was put up four stones in a respectable time to take the win. The first two stones went up like a dream, but fate was not on his side as he attempted the third. In the rush of the competition with the crowd cheering him on, he grabbed at the third stone, and it was immediately clear something was wrong. An old bicep injury that forced him out of World's Strongest Man all those years ago reared its ugly head once more, and kept him from another title. With Blekaitis only able to complete two stones, Best was declared the World's Strongest Master.