picture of Greg Everett

Greg Everett | Building A Dynasty

Apr 8, 2015

Not only is Greg Everett the owner and award-winning head coach of Catalyst Athletics, publisher of The Performance Menu, author of the most sought after weightlifting books, top five finisher at the USAW National Championships, but he also wrote, directed, produced, and edited a documentary for lifters around the world, American Weightlifting. After being introduced to weightlifting in high school, Everett seemed to have found his outlet. Having been self-taught since his introduction into the sport, Greg moved to Southern California in pursuit of the coaching guidance of Mike Burgener, the best in the business. "ÂœI decided weightlifting was what I wanted to do full time. It was a really easy decision." From then, Everett has built a weightlifting dynasty that's known all over the world. Experience the journey of the Everetts and how Catalyst Athletics came to birth.