WZA Competition Heats Up With Former Champions

Jason Khalipa Khalipa at Atlas Pro-Am

Last week, we learned that the defending individual champions will be returning to keep their titles, and now we know that the Women's Elite Team champions from Wodapalooza 2016 will also be returning to Miami:

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"Two Grown-Ups & The Kid" will return to WZA 2017 after having too much fun in Miami in 2016.

Speaking of champions, Jason Khalipa will make his return to competition by joining forces with Chris Detmering and Jason Alderman to form Team NC Fit:

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The 2008 CrossFit Games champion took a team to the Games in 2015 and took the 2016 Games season off to help support his daughter, Ava, in her fight against a life-threatening illness. Now that Ava has improved a bit, Khalipa is back at it, and rumor has it he's looking to take a team back to the Games this year. 

Khalipa won't just be at Wodapalooza to compete though. He'll also be holding a seminar over the weekend for attendees and viewers on the live stream. Chris Hinshaw and Danny Camargo will also be holding seminars:

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And if that's not enough, the fittest woman in America, Kari Pearce, and the gnarliest Kenny in CrossFit, Kenny Leverich, will also be competing in the Elite division at WZA 2017:

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FloTraining Workout of the Day 1/20/18

Thrusters, Muscle Ups, Obstacle Courses: The Fittest Experience

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Yesterday we saw the first two announced workouts from The Fittest Experience 2018, a Diane variation with handstand walks and a weightlifting complex. Today, we know two more events: Die-A-Phragm and Snaked.

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The First Two Announced Events From The Fittest Experience

the fittest experience

The Fittest Experience is one of the biggest fitness competitions in Texas and the South-Central United States. With more than $45,000 in prize money and nearly 1,000 athletes competing, The Fittest Experience is bound to be not just a preview of the 2018 CrossFit Games season, but also an exciting competition for regional athletes!

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The CrossFit Games Open is just over a month away, beginning with 18.1 on February 22.

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The 2018 CrossFit Games Open officially starts on February 22 with 18.1, but Dave Castro isn't going to let numbers get in his way: get ready for 18.Zero on Thursday, January 18.

Mattie Rogers May Be A World Silver Medalist


Mattie Rogers earned a bronze medal at the 2017 IWF World Championships with a 104kg snatch and 131kg clean and jerk, but her bronze medal may be upgraded to a silver due to a doping suspension for the overall silver medalist Romela Begaj (ALB).

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