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Sep 11 - 13, 2014

FloElite coverage of the 2014 Granite Games.

  1. Favorite Moments From 2014 Granite Games, Part 2

    Favorite Moments From 2014 Granite Games, Part 2

    Sep 9, 2015

    Yesterday we went over numbers 6, 5, and 4 in our favorite moments from the 2014 Granite Games and today it's time to hit the top three. Here we go:

    3. Mat Fraser snatches like a boss

    We know Mat Fraser is a damn good weightlifter, but it takes a whole new level of mental toughness to miss a huge lift like a 305 snatch only to regroup and get back at it only to crush it. Especially considering...

    2. Mat Fraser wins while fighting a cold

    Yep, that's right: Mat Fraser was really sick just a few days before the 2014 Granite Games. According to him, he couldn't even hit a 265 snatch in the warm up area before that event, but he still not only pulled through a 305 snatch in that first event but also finished the weekend in first place overall.

    1. Sam Briggs smashes everyone

    The Engine doesn't lie. Sam Briggs might be the best female classic CrossFitter on the planet. How good is she compared to other CrossFitters? She was consistently finishing not just ahead of everyone else, but by a huge margin ahead of second place in each of the events. For example, in the muscle up and cleans events from the 2014 Granite Games, Sam Briggs finished over a minute ahead of second place... in an event that was only about 6 minutes long.

    Make sure to check out our LIVE coverage of the 2015 Granite Games so you don't miss any awesome moments from this year's event!

  2. Favorite Moments From 2014 Granite Games, Part 1

    Favorite Moments From 2014 Granite Games, Part 1

    Sep 9, 2015

    The Granite Games are a huge event with not only a ton of high level competitors but also with really solid programming.

    The competition is tight, the stakes are high, and the margins for error are slim. Overall, the competition is really exciting and leads to some really awesome moments. Today and tomorrow we're going to recap our favorite moments from the 2014 Granite Games in anticipation of
    the 2015 Granite Games starting up in a couple days.

    6. Nick Urankar and Alex Anderson PR their snatch

    PRs get less and less common the longer you participate in a sport like CrossFit and for two high level CrossFitters like Nick Urankar and Alex Anderson to hit new PRs on such a fundamental movement at an event like Granite Games really speaks to how intense and copmetitive the atmosphere is there.

    5. Brooke Ence competes with a messed up rib

    Brooke Ence is a badass. She placed 14th in her rookie debut at the CrossFit Games in 2015 but she showed off her grit at the 2014 Granite Games by continuing to compete after busting a rib, including running a 5K in a sling.

    4. Lauren Fisher PRs her snatch

    That snatch event was a doozie. Brooke Ence, Dani Sidell, Stacie Tovar, Lauren Fisher all hit monster lifts and Lauren Fisher even PR'd her snatch with a 185 lift. 

    Tune in tomorrow as we go over our top three favorite moments from the 2014 Granite Games!

  3. Granite Games 2014 Results

    Granite Games 2014 Results

    Sep 12, 2014

    Results from the 2014 Granite Games

  4. Granite Games Roster: Elite Female Division

    Granite Games Roster: Elite Female Division

    Sep 7, 2014

    First Name Last Name Gym Age
    Emily Abbott Crossfit Currie Barracks 26
    Catherine Blatner Crossfit 45 North 23
    Sara Blunck JoCo CrossFit 35
    Emily Bridgers CrossFit Terminus 27
    Samantha Briggs CrossFit Black Five 32
    Nikki Carlin Crossfit Hyperion 25
    jessica cote-beaudoin crossfit Lévis 26
    Melissa Doss Crossfit the Tracks 29
    Grace Dresher Crossfit Eclipse 26
    Lauren Fisher CrossFit Invictus 21
    Heather Gillespie Crossfit Lethbridge 35
    Alea Helmick CrossFit ReVamped 28
    Chelsey Hughes Brick 29
    Megan John CrossFit Manhattan Kansas 35
    Lindsey Kelly CrossFit Conjugate 28
    Gretchen Kittelberger CrossFit Reston 29
    Ericka Letendre CrossFit Plateau 29
    Elizabeth Lillie Crossfit Winston Salem 24
    Erica Livett CrossFit North Okanagan 34
    Teresa Luz 12 Labours 36
    Jessica Martinez Crossfit Murfreesboro 37
    Carleen Mathews crossfit xfactor 31
    catherine medeiros Crossfit ultimatum 23
    Christina Merlo CrossFit T-Town 31
    Cheryl Nasso CrossFit New England 29
    Anna Olafsdottir Reebok Crossfit Reykjavík 30
    Tasia Percevecz CrossFit Free 24
    Marie-Emilie Perreault L'usine Crossfit 28
    Sarabeth Phillips CrossFit RTR 28
    Kaela Pitts CrossFit Paradigm Performance 34
    Kristin Reffett Crossfit Nashville 26
    Mekenzie Riley CrossFit North Peoria 27
    Alyssa Ritchey 8th day 25
    Lauren Rutan Crossfit utility 30
    Brooke Sawyers   25
    Jessica Schulz CrossFit Rise 34
    Danielle Sidell SPC Crossfit 26
    Oxana Slivenko CrossFit GERAKLION 28
    M'Kelle Tomberlin CrossFit St Paul 30
    Stacie Tovar CrossFit Omaha 30
    Jennifer Webber Crossfit 204 30
    Brooke Wells CrossFit Fringe 19

  5. Granite Games Roster: Elite Male Division

    Granite Games Roster: Elite Male Division

    Sep 7, 2014

    First Name Last Name Gym Age
    Alex Anderson Crossfit Ktown 24
    Addison Bain CrossFit St Paul 25
    Nick Bloch CrossFit Fond du Lac 29
    Nathan Bramblett CrossFit Oyster 24
    Hunter Britt Conjugate 19
    Duke Burk   28
    Jason Cain Reebok CrossFit 306 36
    Zak Carchedi Crossfit Sioux Falls 21
    Zach Carlin crossfit athlete inside 24
    Arlen Castenada Crossfit 6360 25
    Jordan Cook Crossfit Bay Area 22
    marshall creed CrossFit 217 24
    Joel Dizona Crossfit Valdosta 24
    Nate Dunfee CrossFit Progression 27
    Justin Fallon CrossFit Blur 29
    Rey Fernandez CrossFit Brink 26
    Mathew Fraser Champlain Valley Crossfit 25
    Reggie Hoegh CrossFit Waukee 30
    Gary Jones CrossFit Paradigm Performance 26
    Anthony Koens Timberwolf CrossFit 32
    Andrew Kuechler   26
    Terrence Limbert Crossfit Chilliwack 21
    Shane Mcbride CrossFit 557 28
    Johnny Medina III   20
    Elijah Muhammad   26
    Austin O'Neal CrossFit Carmel 24
    Brandon pastorek CrossFit VisOnr 30
    Corey Paszkiewicz CrossFit Oak Creek 33
    Brandon Phillips Crossfit Bound 32
    Gerry Raymond Gardens Crossfit 26
    Gerald Sasser CrossFit Countdown 24
    Nick Shelton Crossfit 806 24
    Chris Shimley Top fuel Crossfit 23
    Josh Silvernail Crossfit Breakout 30
    Kyle Spears Timberwolf CrossFit 24
    Travis Stoetzel Crossfit Omaha 32
    Ryan Sunshine crossfit boyton beach 21
    Francois Tremblay Crossfit Repentigny l'usine 32
    Anthony Vorachak CrossFit RVC 26
    Sonny Zickefoose Mountaineer CrossFit 23

  6. FloElite to LIVE Stream 2014 Granite Games

    FloElite to LIVE Stream 2014 Granite Games

    Sep 4, 2014


  7. Female Elite Division at Granite Games is LOADED!

    Female Elite Division at Granite Games is LOADED!

    Sep 4, 2014

    In eight days, some of the top elite fitness athletes in the world will descend upon St. Cloud, Minnesota to throw down at the 2014 Granite Games. Now in it’s fourth year, The Granite Games will bring in more than 1,000 athletes to compete indivudually and on teams. Each athlete is at the top of his or her game, but the women’s Elite Division is in a league of it’s own as far as talent goes.

    Five different countries will be represented (USA, Canada, England, Iceland, Russia) and other than The CrossFit Games, there isn’t a more talented field of women in the sport of fitness. 28 of the 42 Elite Division Women competed individually at Regionals in 2014 (most of the women who didn’t qualify individually competed on a team).

    Of the 28 regional competitors, 23 placed in the top 10. Of those 23, five came one step away from Carson finishing 4th, and three of the women won their region (Emily Abbot - Canada West, Emily Bridgers - South East, Gretchen Kittelberger - Mid Atlantic) Heavy hitters, Lauren Fisher, Stacie Tovar and Sam Briggs will also be joining the party.

    Needless to say, the competition is going to be FIRECE as these women compete to take the podium and get their hands on the $25,000 purse (1st - $10,000, 2nd - $5,000, 3rd - $4,000, 4th - $3,000, 5th - $2,000, 6th - $1,000) Watch all the action LIVE on FloElite.com!