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Rio 2016 Women's 58kg Recap

Rio 2016 Women's 58kg Recap

Aug 8, 2016

The 58kg A session is over and the top two medalists are from Thailand. There was a very clear divide between the top and bottom, as Sukanya Srisurat had an impressive showing with a 110kg Snatch, setting a new Olympic Record with that lift.

That was enough to keep her ahead of the competition for the clean & jerk, even with a bit of gamesmanship towards the end with Srisurat ahead with 240kg. Hsing-Chun Kuo from Chinese Taipei tried to make a last ditch effort to take gold, calling for 139kg, a new Olympic Record clean & jerk. Unfortunately, she couldn't complete the lift and was forced to settle for Bronze. 

Sukanya Srisurat - Gold
Pimsiri Sirikaew - Silver
Hsing-Chun Kuo - Bronze

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